Best Playing Style in Poker

PokerBros has built-in stats which you can see for all your opponents. If you don’t play a lot of hands, this will be obvious to everyone else at your table, and it will be easy for them to play against you.

There are many players on PokerBros that play loose aggressive, but they don’t play this style in the correct way. These players are just hungry for action and blow all their money. These types of players are targets for the more experienced players. You can “blend in” with this crowd of fish, and everyone will simply think you are getting lucky. 

This will put them on tilt and they will lose even more money to you. You might also get the bad players to flex their ego and try to show that they are more aggressive than you.

In certain private clubs on PokerBros, there are tables with VPIP restrictions. For example, if you don’t play more than 40% of your hands, you can’t sit at the table. These tables are where all the money is. If you are loose enough to play at these tables, you can take money from all the action hungry suckers.

One of the downsides to Loose Aggressive playing style is that it is heavily dependent on variance. However, since you are playing online, you go through more hands per hour than you would in a live game, and therefore the variance is reduced.

If your poker skills are better than the rest of the players at your table (which is likely for the PokerBros app), you can win money by simply making better decisions. You don’t have to sit around and wait for good cards to come. This playing style constantly forces you to make tough decisions and improve your game.

Author: Allen Martin